Patricia Billie Miller


Patricia Billie Miller



April 6, 2023

Stamford Delegation Welcomes Over $3 Million in Funding for Marinas

HARTFORD, CT – The Stamford Delegation (for the district), which consists of state Senator Pat Billie Miller (D-Stamford) and state Representatives David Michel (D–Stamford) and Anabel Figueroa (D-Stamford) welcomed state funding totaling $3,352,020 for dredging at Cove Island Park Marina Channel, Cummings Marina final design and permitting and a Harbor Boat launch feasibility study in Stamford.


“These funds will go a long way in continuing to address much-needed dredging of the marina and channel at Cove Island Park,” said Sen. Miller. “I’m very grateful for all who have remained focused on securing these funds, Governor Ned Lamont and the bonding commission. Through these funds, we continue to make progress towards improving our beautiful marinas.”


“I am extremely grateful to the state for sending support for long awaited fixes for our Stamford marina,” said Rep. Michel (D–Stamford). “Many thanks to Senator Miller and the rest of the delegation!”

“This funding, which will allow Stamford’s port and Harbor to perform necessary repairs and maintenance, will greatly improve the services it delivers to our city,” said Rep. Figueroa. “I thank the Governor and State Bonding Commission for their support.”

“The marinas in Cove Island Park have been in desperate need of repairs for many years now, and I am glad that the state could partner with Stamford to get this funding approved and put into good use,” Governor Ned Lamont, who serves as chairman of the State Bond Commission, said.

Per the state bonding agenda, marina funding will allocate $3,095,520 in state funding for the Cove Island Park Marina Channel Dredging, $236,500 for Cummings Marina and $20,000 for the harbor boat launch feasibility study.