Patricia Billie Miller


Patricia Billie Miller



June 29, 2023

The Black and Puerto Rican Caucus Releases Statement Condemning Attack on State Representative Maryam Khan and Her Family at a Prayer Service

HARTFORD, CT – Today, the Connecticut Legislative Black and Puerto Rican Caucus (BPRC) released the following statement condemning the actions of a man who attacked state Representative Maryam Khan and her family while they participated in an Eid-al-Adha prayer service at the XL Center in Hartford.

“I am disgusted by the hateful and vile actions of this individual,” said state Senator and BPRC Chair Pat Billie Miller. “During a time for prayer, togetherness and peace, Rep. Khan and her family were subjected to obscenities and violence. This public attack highlights the audacious nature of hate in our country and unfortunately in our state and must be snuffed out. No one should have to look over their shoulder when they are out with family, in prayer no less. I am praying for Rep. Khan and her family during this traumatic time, one in which should never take place anywhere in Connecticut.”

“I know that many, if not all of us, in this caucus are a part of it because of our obligation to fight hate and discrimination in all of its forms,” said state Representative and BPRC Vice Chair Antonio Felipe. “Rep. Khan is a kind soul who deserves the same freedom as anyone to express her religious beliefs, to practice peacefully and be in fellowship with her family and community. My heart goes out to Maryam, her children, her family and the entire Muslim community. I know she is resilient and will be back fighting for her community very soon.”

According to reports, the representative was grabbed, struck and thrown to the ground by a man who approached her while she was with her sister, a female friend, and her three children, 15 and 10-year-old daughters, and a 12-year-old son. The man also made vulgar remarks towards Rep. Khan and her family. According to reports, the representative sustained minor injuries.