Marilyn Moore


Marilyn Moore



January 26, 2016

Moore and Gomes Announce Major Funding for Bridgeport

Bond Commission set to approve funds at its January 29 meeting

BRIDGEPORT, CT—Today, Senator Marilyn Moore (D-Bridgeport), Senator Ed Gomes (D-Bridgeport), and the Bridgeport state delegation announced the expected approval of funding for several items in Bridgeport.

“I appreciate the support of Governor Malloy to get these items on the Bond Commission’s agenda,” said Sen. Moore. “I am very excited that we are able to bring back funding to help Bridgeport public schools. Our teachers and students deserve state-of-the-art facilities and this is another investment in that goal.”

The State Bond Commission is slated to approve the items at its meeting on Friday, January 29, 2016 at 10:30 a.m. in Room 1E of the Legislative Office Building. The Bridgeport funding items include 12-I, 13, 49, 63 and 66 on the agenda.

“The Bond Commission’s items will help our city grow jobs, rebuild our schools, and create housing,” said Sen. Gomes. “This is another example of how the state of Connecticut is focused on working families. I would also like to thank Governor Malloy for continuing to invest in Bridgeport.”

The bond agenda items include:

  • $675,000 to provide grant-in-aid to Habitat for Humanity of Coastal Fairfield County to assist with construction of nine single family homes family homes to be sold to homebuyers at or below 80 percent of area median income
  • $1,716,536 for school building improvements
  • $83,810 for security systems upgrades for four facilities for Recovery Network of Programs
  • $18,800 for Pathways for security system upgrades and front step repair
  • $5,000,000 to provide a loan to Block 912 JV, LLC to assist with redevelopment of the Jayson and Newfield buildings
  • $2,156,300 to provide a loan to Mutual Housing Association of Southwestern Connecticut, Inc., or another eligible applicant as such term is defined in Section 8-366m of the Connecticut General Statutes, to assist with rehabilitation of 32 units of rental housing at Maplewood Court Apartments
  • $750,000 to provide a loan to Future Health Care Systems, Inc. to assist with machinery, equipment and renovations associated with relocation from West Chester, New York to Bridgeport.

“I thank Governor Malloy for keeping Bridgeport in mind on the Bond Commission agenda,” Rep. Hennessy said. “While all of these items are very welcomed, I am particularly pleased to see Habitat for Humanity on the list. Their work to allow people with low-income a chance at owning a home and a fresh start in life is an invaluable service that should be supported.”

“Habitat for Humanity has been changing lives for many years throughout communities across the state and I applaud the funding in their support in this round of funding,” Rep. Rosario said. “Bridgeport continues to benefit from a delegation working to bring the resources home.”

“The items on the Bond Commission’s agenda for Bridgeport are certainly welcomed and represents our delegation working together for Bridgeport,” Rep. Stafstrom said. “Hopefully, we will continue to work for the city we represent to benefit all our residents.”

“From school building improvements to housing, Bridgeport is well represented on this agenda,” Rep. Stallworth said. “We will continue the work of making sure our city has a healthy influx of resources and I am looking forward to a productive session ahead.”

“I am proud to a part of a delegation that works together to ensure that our city continues to improve the quality of life for its residents,” Rep. Baker said. “I am sure we will get right back to work next session on all of the issues that affect Bridgeport.”

“The school buildings across the city have to be maintained for a safe and educationally conducive environment,” Rep. Santiago said. “I am very pleased to see funding for school buildings among the agenda items to be approved.”