Marilyn Moore


Marilyn Moore



March 16, 2018

Sen. Moore Testifies to Protect Bridgeport Homeowners from Wrongful WPCA Foreclosures

HARTFORD, CT— Senator Marilyn Moore (D-Bridgeport) today delivered testimony to the General Assembly’s Planning and Development Committee in support of House Bill 5509, legislation that would protect Connecticut homeowners from unfair and abusive Water Pollution Control Authority (WPCA) proceedings and charges that sometimes result in wrongful home foreclosures.

Sen. Moore has received numerous complaints from homeowners in Bridgeport who say that the local WPCA is using predatory and discriminatory billing tactics. Based on investigative work by Sen. Moore’s office into the procedures for collection of overdue WPCA bills, it is clear that attorney fees and collection costs contribute to foreclosures more than the actual delinquent sewage bill does. The WPCA has initiated foreclosure proceeding on seniors, veterans, and low income people. In Bridgeport alone, there were 666 leans on homes as a result of WPCA in 2015.

The WPCA and outside attorneys can profit from this practice.

“I will not stand for city homeowners being targeted and having their lives destroyed so the WPCA can profit at their expense,” Sen. Moore said. “Even more troubling, the foreclosures seem to disproportionately affect African-Americans, Latinos, senior, veterans, and low-income people in the Bridgeport area. People should be given an honest chance to pay their sewer bills.”

The bill would:

  • Prohibit an accessor from purchasing properties they have any involvement with
  • Designate the WPCA as a public utility and to come under the authority of the Public Utilities Regulation Authority (PURA)

Download Sen. Moore’s full testimony.