Marilyn Moore


Marilyn Moore



July 12, 2018

Moore Named 2018 “Children’s Champion” by Connecticut Early Childhood Alliance

photo of Senator Moore.

BRIDGEPORT—Senator Marilyn Moore (D-Bridgeport) was recognized as one of twelve 2018 “Children’s Champions” by The Connecticut Early Childhood Alliance during a ceremony at the YMCA in Bridgeport today.

The Alliance recognizes legislators for their leadership on issues that impact the well-being of Connecticut’s young children in the areas of healthy development, early care and education, nutrition, and safety.

“As legislators, it’s important that we continue to work with child advocates like the CT Early Childhood Alliance to ensure that all of Connecticut’s children are receiving the resources they need to be adequately taken care of, educated, and healthy as they enter adolescence. Investing in our children is investing in a better future,” Sen. Moore said. “I am honored to be named a ‘Children’s Champion’ in recognition of my efforts to pass legislation that improves the lives of children in our state.”

“Each of the legislators we’re recognizing this year stood up for children to protect funding for child care or to push policy change that supports families with children,” said Merrill Gay, Executive Director of the Alliance.

Legislation passed this year includes: A bill that will make it easier for homeless families to obtain child care, thus helping parents work and change their situations. Another bill that passed will allow the CT Office of Early Childhood to prioritize infants and toddlers if there is a Care4Kids wait list. It will also make it easier for the OEC to adjust provider rates for School Readiness and state-funded centers. An act mandating insurance coverage of essential health benefits including pregnancy and immunizations also passed this year.

The Connecticut Early Childhood Alliance is a statewide organization committed to improving outcomes in the areas of learning, health, safety and economic security, for children ages birth to eight. The Alliance’s goal is for all children in Connecticut to enter kindergarten healthy, eager to learn, and ready for school success.