Marilyn Moore


Marilyn Moore



May 20, 2019

Moore Honored With Bridgeport Generation Now Civic Hero Award


HARTFORD, CT – On Friday, May 17, Senator Marilyn Moore (D-Bridgeport) was honored with the Civic Hero Award at the first annual Bridgeport Generation Now fundraiser. The organization defines a civic hero as someone who works to make a difference in the civic life of the Bridgeport community and practices intersectionality, collective action, openness, ethics, and love.

“I’m honored to be recognized with this award,” said Senator Moore. “Bridgeport Generation Now is an innovative movement that hones the power of grassroots organizing. This new, non-partisan organization engages in extraordinarily important education in the community on civic engagement. I am truly impressed by the values of Generation Now and I work hard to personify what they stand for.”

“It’s exciting to see young people speaking up and advocating for increased civic engagement, more accountability from their elected leaders, and a more just and equitable Bridgeport community,” Senator Moore continued. “I’m looking forward to helping them advance their mission and message in any way I can.”

Bridgeport Generation Now is a nonpartisan, grassroots social action network that empowers and unites communities by increasing civic engagement. The organization encourages residents and youth to take an active role in strengthening Bridgeport and focuses on policy research, civic and political education, and community organizing.