Marilyn Moore


Marilyn Moore



December 18, 2020

State Senator Marilyn Moore Welcomes State Funds to District 22

Today, State Senator Marilyn Moore (D-Bridgeport) welcomed funding to Bridgeport after the State Bond Commission announced they will be allocating $3,770,000 to continue to finance the Cherry Street Lofts Development. The funds will help finance investigation, remediation, and clean up needed to support Phases III and IV of the Cherry Street Lofts Development around the intersection of Railroad Avenue and Hancock Avenue in Bridgeport.

This project is part of a new construction commercial development project that follows a previous authorization of $1 million made by the State Bond Commission in September of 2018 for this purpose.

The development has been in the works since 2013. The area was originally filled with factory buildings and industrial spaces. Over the years, the property lacked upkeep and has since been transformed into modern loft-style apartments.

Following the first two phases of construction, new tenants were able to move into the apartments in 2018. Among the affordable apartment units, 19 were reserved for tenants with disabilities. Phases III and IV of the Cherry Street Lofts project are part of an adaptive re-use housing and new-construction commercial development project.

“This funding allows for continuation of the project,” said Sen. Moore. “Projects of this size have a great impact on the economic conditions and brings beautification to the city. It’s a unique, safe, and innovative development combining living space and an educational facility in what was formerly abandoned factories.”

Senator Moore also welcomed additional funding to Bridgeport as well as funding to Monroe and Trumbull. Funding is being provided for distressed municipalities in Bridgeport. Municipalities receive this designation based on their property tax base, the personal income of residents, and the social service needs of residents. Distressed municipalities in Bridgeport will be receiving $301,771.43.

The State Bond Commission has approved funding for the Town Aid Road Program with the Department of Transportation. Under this program, Towns in Senator Moore’s district will all be receiving funding. Trumbull has been allocated $461,303, Monroe has been allocated $351,306, and Bridgeport has been allocated $1,385,123.