Marilyn Moore


Marilyn Moore



March 1, 2021

State Senator Marilyn Moore Awards Dr. Anthony Bennett for Work Done on Social Justice

State Senator Marilyn Moore (D-Bridgeport) is congratulating Dr. Anthony L. Bennett after he received the 2021 MLKJHC Award. As the Deputy President Pro Tempore of the State of Connecticut Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday Commission, Senator Moore was able to present this award to Dr. Bennett last week for the transformative impact he has made in the local community and beyond.

“Dr. Bennett has truly made an impact in our community and he deserves recognition for his hard work, dedication, and passion he has as a Social Justice Activist,” said Sen. Moore. “Today we are living in a world where we are continuously working on equality to all and Dr. Bennett is a leader to learn from. I am thrilled to be able to present him with this award.”

Dr. Bennett was also honored on a National Level by the Samuel Dewitt Proctor Conference, Inc. He was recognized for his national work on Social Justice and the impact he has made on leaders to come, receiving its “Beautiful Are Their Feet” Award.

The Commission also awarded Mount Aery Baptist Church with the 2021 MLKJHC Legend Award as the “congregation that exemplifies the ideals and philosophies of Dr. King”. They went on to state that “Mount Aery Baptist Church has been instrumental in keeping Dr. King’s dream alive by inspiring so many people in Bridgeport to reach their highest potential through volunteer services, community outreach, and in leadership roles available through various ministries at Mount Aery.”