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Marilyn Moore



September 24, 2021

Bridgeport Delegation Submits Request to Attorney General William Tong to Investigate Predatory Lending at Cathedral of the Holy Spirit

The Bridgeport Delegation including state Senators Marilyn Moore and Dennis Bradley, Representatives Andre Baker, Jr., Antonio Felipe, Jack Hennessy, Christopher Rosario, Steve Stafstrom, and Charlie Stallworth wrote a letter to Attorney General William Tong asking him to investigate predatory lending that took place at the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit. The Bridgeport Delegation believe this unfair and abusive practice contributed to the church’s foreclosure on Saturday.

The members of this Church are now left without a place of worship. The church has become victim to the deception placed in the predatory lending. The Bridgeport Delegation are working together to ensure the process was lawful and did not contribute to the foreclosure of properties associated to the lending.

The letter sent to Attorney William Tong is below:

September 23, 2021

William Tong

Attorney General

State of Connecticut

Dear Attorney General Tong,

This week Pastor Kenneth Moales, Jr. reached out asking for assistance with a crisis regarding the Prayer Tabernacle Church of God and Cathedral of the Holy Spirit located in Bridgeport at 729 Union Avenue. Pastor Moales indicated the church and related properties were under siege from what he is describing as a predatory lender. The dilemma has been ongoing for several years and the properties are now in foreclosure. As background the church has been a beacon of light in Bridgeport and this week is celebrating its 52nd year anniversary. It’s founder, the late Bishop Kenneth Moales, Sr. was a well- respected, nationally known leader both in the secular and faith communities.

The members of the Bridgeport delegation are requesting your office to investigate the practices that took place over several years with the lender that contributed to the foreclosure. According to documents the lender was not authorized to do business in the State of Connecticut and several other churches in multiple states have experienced similar problems with the lender. We are not expecting your office to intervene on the foreclosure; however, many of the instances that were shared during a press conference and virtual meeting with members of the delegation, Mayor Ganim, City Council members, and other clergy suggest that they should be investigated.

Attached is a press release authored by Pastor Moales and he has also provided additional documentation regarding transactions with the lender.

At the request of Pastor Moales I am taking the lead and have the support of members of the delegation in making this request. Please respond to Senator Marilyn Moore for more information and a response.


Senator Marilyn Moore

Senator Dennis Bradley

Rep. Andre Baker, Jr.

Rep. Antonio Felipe

Rep. Jack Hennessy

Rep. Christopher Rosario

Rep. Steve Stafstrom

Rep. Charlie Stallworth