Marilyn Moore


Marilyn Moore



July 1, 2022

Senator Moore Releases Statement as Minimum Wage Increases Today to $14 Per Hour

Today, state Senator Marilyn Moore (D-Bridgeport) is celebrating as Connecticut’s minimum wage increases from $13 per hour to $14 per hour. Sen. Moore first introduced the ‘Fight for Fifteen’ legislation in 2015. The bill was passed in 2019 and instituted a five-year plan to raise the state’s minimum wage to $15 an hour.

“Over the past few years, I have seen what an impact raising our state’s minimum wage has done,” said Sen. Moore. “These increases will make a huge difference for all families, especially those in black and brown communities.”

On Monday, June 27, Sen. Moore visited Full Circle Youth Empowerment in Bridgeport and listened to students who participate in the Full Circle Youth Empowerment program that benefit from a higher minimum wage. Sen. Moore heard from two students about how they were able to save their money for college and help out their parents.

“Hearing their stories truly lets me know this fight was worth it,” said Sen. Moore.

The minimum wage, now currently $14 per hour, will rise to $15 an hour on June 1, 2023. Starting on January 1, 2024, and on each January 1 every year after that, the bill requires the minimum wage to be adjusted by the percent change in the federal Employment Cost Index (ECI) for all civilian workers’ wages and salaries over the 12-month period ending on June 30 of the preceding year, as calculated by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics.