Marilyn Moore


Marilyn Moore



February 28, 2023

Senator Moore to Lead Public Hearing on Senate Democratic Priority Housing Bill

Today, Tuesday, February 28, state Senator Marilyn Moore (D-Bridgeport), Senate Chair of the Housing Committee, will lead a public hearing on Senate Bill 4, ‘An Act Concerning Connecticut’s Present And Future Housing Needs’ to promote fair and equitable housing opportunities in every community in the state. .

This bill will establish a fee for rental applications, set up a housing opportunity development program, create business tax credits, develop a program of mortgage assistance for developers, launch a 5-year pilot program to improve old multifamily affordable housing residences in environmental justice communities, put in place a pilot program to provide temporary housing for the homeless and veterans needing respite care and establish a study to learn how to transform commercial and retail properties into livable housing.

“I am determined to pass legislation that will help alleviate the lack of affordable housing and provide a fair and equitable solution for renters and landlords,” said Senator Moore. “The Housing Committee will work to implement solutions that address homelessness, establish programs to address the cost of housing, and work with towns on plans to create housing.

Financial difficulties, especially ones exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, have led to homelessness rising for the first time since 2012 and a surge in evictions; apartment vacancy rates in Connecticut are some of the lowest in the United States of America. Senate Bill 4 will help identify and develop housing opportunities to address these issues.

Senate Bill 4

Future Tenants

  • No landlord can demand any payment for a rental application from a prospective tenant
  • A landlord may charge a fee for a tenant screening report if the fee for the tenant screening report is less than the actual cost paid by the landlord for the report
  • The landlord will be required to waive all fees for the screening report if the prospective tenant provides the landlord with one done within thirty days

Addressing Homelessness

  • The Commissioner of Housing will establish a pilot program to provide temporary housing for persons experiencing homelessness and veterans who need respite care. It will be administered in three municipalities, each with a minimum of seventy-five thousand population, and provide a minimum of 20 housing units

Increase Housing Options

  • The Commissioner of Energy and Environmental Protection will establish a pilot program to provide grants to individuals modernizing multifamily residences built before 1980 and located in environmental justice communities that improve the energy efficiency of those residences. For example, installing solar power generating systems or installing heat pumps
  • A task force will be established to study the potential growth of affordable housing in the state by converting underutilized commercial and retail properties, including shopping malls, hotels, and warehouses, into such housing

Tax Credit Vouchers

  • The Connecticut Housing Finance Authority will administer a system of tax credit vouchers for business firms making cash contributions to housing programs
  • The Connecticut Housing Finance Authority will offer mortgage assistance to developers who build or rehabilitate affordable housing throughout the state

Workforce Housing Opportunity Development Program:

  • Established a housing opportunity development program to be administered by the Department of Housing
  • Workforce housing opportunity developers will receive a tax exemption
  • All development projects have a deadline of three years after the date of approval by the Department of Housing