Marilyn Moore


Marilyn Moore



March 24, 2023

Senator Moore Welcomes Funding to Klein Memorial Auditorium Foundation

Today, state Senator Marilyn Moore (D-Bridgeport) is welcoming state grants recently awarded to a local arts organization in Bridgeport through the Department of Economic Community Development Office of the Arts. In Bridgeport, the Klein Memorial Auditorium Foundation has been recently awarded funding.

“The Klein Memorial Auditorium has a long, storied history of being a local landmark and is deserving of a grant that will continue to enhance the great community events put on throughout the year,” said Sen. Moore. “I am thankful to the Department of Economic Community Development for the support of a remarkable venue that holds so many memories for several of our community members.”

The Klein Memorial Auditorium Foundation has been awarded $37,041 through the General Operating Support for Theaters and Performing Groups program. This program provides general operating support grants to Connecticut-based theaters and performing groups whose primary purpose is to present the performing arts to the general public.

The Klein Memorial Auditorium Foundation has also been awarded $1,495 through the Connecticut Arts Endowment fund (CAEF). The CAEF was established by the Connecticut General Assembly to stimulate the development of private sector funding and to ensure the long-term stability of Connecticut’s arts industry by providing funding to organizations. In November, the Klein Memorial Auditorium had been awarded $$6,148 through the Supporting Arts Program which provides general operating support to help Connecticut’s arts organizations and municipal arts departments cover programmatic costs associated with their mission-related work.

Senator Moore has been a huge supporter of the Klein Memorial Auditorium. She helped to secure $40,000 in funding in March 2022 to finish off the project of adding an elevator, building a handicapped accessible bathroom, and completing conference rooms. In 2021, Senator Moore helped to secure funding for the Klein Memorial Auditorium; a total of $600,000 to begin the installation of an elevator, technology improvements and code-required improvements.