Marilyn Moore


Marilyn Moore



June 8, 2023

Senator Moore Secures Funding To Help Bridgeport Residents Affected By Flooding

Today, state Senator Marilyn Moore (D-Bridgeport), Senate Chair of the Housing Committee and Chair of the Bonding Subcommittee, led passage in the senate to secure $125 million for retrofitting multifamily homes and $42 million to help rebuild a community in Bridgeport that was damaged several times after Rooster River and Ox Brook flooded. The numerous flooding cultivated its own flood control project to help with habitat protection and restoration.

“We cannot let this community suffer through this nightmare again,” said Sen. Moore. “This necessary funding will help put an end to the flooding issue created time and time again by the Rooster River. Families shouldn’t have to worry every time it rains. I am also proud to secure funds that will cultivate a better living experience for families in communities that need upgrades so desperately. Retrofitting multi-family homes will give folks a sense of safety and a healthy environment to live in.”

Senator Moore secured $17 million for 2024 and an additional $25 million in 2025. These funds will help to alleviate stress several families feel from the flooding from Rooster River and Ox Brook, that runs along the border between Fairfield and Bridgeport, that damaged several homes in Bridgeport.

In 2018, the Rooster River overflowed in a storm and damaged several homes in the area. Three years later, the remnants of Hurricane Ida caused flooding along Rooster River again bringing yet another nightmare for residents to deal with. Since 2018 drain scuppers have been installed to allow flood water to drain back into the water but it didn’t solve the flooding problem fully. Since the flooding, communities have worked on a number of projects to deter future flooding. In 2020, a complete flooding mitigation assessment was done. This funding for 2024 and 2025 will continue efforts to mitigate flooding.

Senator Moore also secured $50 million for 2024 and an additional $75 million in 2025 to retrofit multifamily homes in environmental justice communities, certain communities of color, and communities that have been disproportionally impacted by climate change. Helping to revitalize these homes with improve the public health and wellness of vulnerable communities, economically revitalize historically overlooked areas, and enhance energy equity producing increased safety.