Marilyn Moore


Marilyn Moore



September 26, 2023

State Bond Commission Approves Funding for Bridgeport

Today, state Senators Marilyn Moore (D-Bridgeport) and Herron Keyon Gaston (D-Bridgeport) are welcoming $22,500,000 in Community Investment Funds to Bridgeport. The grant will be used to demolish the PSEG decommissioned coal plant in Bridgeport.

“I am grateful to the State Bond Commission for their approval of funding for the demolition of a coal plant that has been offline since 2021 and has been an eyesore on the Bridgeport coast line and had a negative impact on the health of the residents of Bridgeport,” said Sen. Moore. “Hopefully, the demolition will lead to future development and impact on residents who have suffered through its existence. Bridgeport is an environmental justice community and its residents, especially children can look to the future knowing another generation will not be impacted by its existence.”

“I am deeply grateful for the work of the committee for investing in this long overdue project, and for the relentless advocacy of the Bridgeport delegation to remove this colossal environmental hazard from our community. This project will make a significant difference in the city of Bridgeport,” said Sen. Gaston. “Furthering the demolition of the coal plant will improve not only the health and safety for the surrounding residents but will undoubtedly positively transform the entire region. Thank you to the State Bond Commission for approving this funding, and the unequivocal support from the leadership of both chambers and the Governor’s administration.”

Developed to foster economic development in historically underserved Connecticut communities, this is the latest in $875 million in total statewide investments for municipalities, nonprofits and community development corporations to support capital improvement, small business capital and planning projects around the state.