Norm Needleman


Norm Needleman



July 15, 2019

Senator Needleman Joins Governor at Signing of 5G Technology Legislation

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State Senator Norm Needleman and State Representative Dave Arconti, both chairs of the Energy and Technology Committee, pose Monday after Governor Ned Lamont signed key legislation allowing for the deployment of 5G technology throughout the state.

STAMFORD, CT – Today, State Senator Norm Needleman (D-Essex) joined lawmakers and telecommunications leaders to commemorate the expansion of wireless 5G high-speed technology across the state. With this service in place, internet and wireless technologies can see drastic improvements in speed and quality, improving opportunities for countless businesses.

“5G technology offers us opportunities that are exponentially faster, more responsive and more expansive than current options,” said Sen. Needleman. “This will provide new opportunities not just for residents looking to use such services in their everyday lives, but for businesses relying on wireless technology, first responders who will receive faster information, and schools that can utilize the faster speeds to improve education. This is one more step toward Connecticut developing a 21st-century information infrastructure system. The opportunities this technology offers our state are vast and I’m excited to see the next evolution in communication.”

“There is a direct connection between the ability of nearly every sector of our economy to conduct business and their ability to connect to high-speed networks,” Governor Lamont said. “To stay ahead in today’s global economy, businesses need the ability to move files and information around the world at lightning speed. Access to ultra-fast internet speeds is critical to our economic future. I want Connecticut to be ahead of the curve, and to do that we are moving quickly on deploying 5G access across our state. I want to build a Connecticut that has a national reputation for being at the forefront of these kinds of modern, technological advancements so that when businesses are trying to decide where to locate to take advantage of the best that technology has to offer, they know Connecticut is where they need to be.”

In addition to approving the deployment of 5G technology, legislation signed by the governor also allows for a process to implement the technology on state property, additionally allowing municipalities without utility or light poles to make use of underground infrastructure.

Telecommunication leaders including representatives for AT&T Connecticut, Verizon New York and Connecticut and T-Mobile all lauded the development of the technology, noting that their necessary expansions will lead to the investment of hundreds of millions of dollars across the state.