Norm Needleman


Norm Needleman



June 9, 2020

Senator Needleman, Representative Carpino Host Conversation with Office of the Health Care Advocate to Answer COVID-19 Questions

A conversation held by State Senator Norm Needleman (D-Essex) and State Representative Christie Carpino (R-Portland) with Ted Doolittle, Connecticut Healthcare Advocate, will be made available on their Facebook pages this week. Considering the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, Sen. Needleman, Rep. Carpino and Dolittle discussed how COVID-19 is impacting health care coverage. They also took questions from constituents and members of the public seeking information on how the OHA can help the public and important details about how the public can ensure health care coverage.

“COVID-19 continues to be a significant public health issue, and this discussion was vital to making sure our constituents are able to ensure consistent health care coverage,” said Sen. Needleman. “The issues do not just involve COVID-19-related care, but also how those impacted by job losses and unemployment can ensure health care coverage, and how individuals with other health needs can continue to receive effective care. I’m grateful to Representative Carpino and Advocate Doolittle for making this event a reality.”

“Information surrounding health coverage and how to best access services is always critical, but the unique circumstances of COVID-19 have left even more families with uncertainties. Job changes, prior authorizations, and coverage loss all bring care challenges, ” said Rep. Carpino. “Thank you to the Office of the Healthcare Advocate for helping Sen. Needleman and I facilitate this session to share accurate and current information with residents and make them aware of this resource.”

The conversation will be available at and