Norm Needleman


Norm Needleman



March 10, 2022

Senator Needleman Lends Support to Proposed Legislation Simplifying Municipal Processes as it Receives Public Hearing

Today, as it received a public hearing in the Planning and Development Committee, State Senator Norm Needleman (D-Essex) gave his support to legislation seeking to create a working group to review Title Seven of the general statutes, with the overall intent of streamlining municipal processes in the state. In many municipalities, including Essex, where Sen. Needleman serves as First Selectman, Title Seven’s statutes are often seen as confusing and outdated, making it more difficult for town residents and elected officials to understand the specific responsibilities held by different roles.

“Reviewing and updating Title Seven will go a long way to improve the everyday efficiency of many municipal offices,” said Sen. Needleman. “Its language can be confusing and obfuscate the assigned responsibilities of a number of positions in town and city offices. By giving it a thorough review and clarifying important delineations, this legislation can provide significant relief and advantages to Connecticut municipalities.”

Senate Bill 324, “An Act Establishing A Working Group To Study Title Seven Of The General Statutes,” does as its name implies, assigning a working group to make recommendations to revise the title for clarity and streamline municipal processes. The working group would submit its findings to the General Assembly by the end of 2022.

In public testimony, Connecticut Council of Small Towns executive director Betsy Gara stated her belief that there has not been a comprehensive review of statutes like Title 7, and doing so could lead to greater clarity for municipalities regarding roles and responsibilities. The Western Connecticut Council of Governments testified that the title is outdated and disorganized, having become an impediment to the modernization of local governments while the Connecticut Town Clerks Association stated that it supports the opportunity to streamline municipal processes and provide additional clarity where needed.