Norm Needleman


Norm Needleman



May 3, 2022

Senate Gives Final Approval to Key Energy Bills

Today, the State Senate gave final approval to two key energy bills aiding the state’s interests in researching alternate forms of energy collection and distribution. State Senator Norm Needleman (D-Essex), Senate Chair of the Energy & Technology Committee, led approval of the bills, which respectively seek to regulate and research use of energy storage systems to improve state infrastructure and establish a task force to study hydrogen power technology.

“I’m proud of my colleagues in the Energy & Technology Committee for their foresight in supporting these initiatives,” said Sen. Needleman. “We need to keep an eye on our power grid and energy generation; we need to make sure we remain competitive in the market in years to come. These bills examine alternative sources of energy, and energy storage, for the benefit of our state.”

House Bill 5327, “An Act Concerning Energy Storage Systems And Electric Distribution System Reliability,” sets requirements for electric distribution companies seeking to own, build or operate energy storage systems, specifically limiting their use of such systems to ones enhancing distribution reliability or resiliency. The bill further establishes a pilot program for energy storage system use, where the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority would direct electric distribution companies to submit proposals for storage, specifically for improvement of critical infrastructure resiliency and system reliability.

Senate Bill 5200, “An Act Establishing A Task Force To Study Hydrogen Power,” will see experts study hydrogen-fueled energy in the state’s economy and energy infrastructure, including but not limited to guiding development and achievement of economies of scale for the state’s hydrogen ecosystem, examining use of federal incentives and programs, recommendations for preparing the workforce and studying potential sources of clean hydrogen in the state.