Norm Needleman


Norm Needleman



June 8, 2022

Senator Needleman Tours S&S Worldwide, Connecticut’s Premier School Supply Company

COLCHESTER — Today, State Senator Norm Needleman (D-Essex) toured the Colchester headquarters of S&S Worldwide, which has been “Helping People Play and Learn,” according to its motto, for more than 110 years. The supplier of arts and crafts, sports and exercise equipment, educational supplies and more has been a family-run business in the Colchester community for generations, with 220 employees. Sen. Needleman toured to gain more understanding and appreciation for local businesses, finding added value in its mission to provide recreational education options for children and families across the country and world.

“S&S Worldwide is a prime example of a family success story,” said Sen. Needleman. “For more than a hundred years, the company has been run by the Schwartz family, and for many decades, it’s stood as a major point of pride for the Colchester community. With 220 employees and a strong focus on education, they play an important role not only in our region but in classrooms and playrooms around the world. It was a pleasure to tour the facility and see how they help people play and learn.”

“S&S has been part of the fabric of this town for over 100 years,” said Adam L. Schwartz, Co-CEO of S&S Worldwide. “Generations of local folks have worked here. We honor their hard work and we are grateful for the support of the community. It was personally and professionally meaningful to see how helpful people were as we managed through the challenges of the pandemic. Local and State officials came through for S&S, and we won’t forget it.”

S&S Worldwide is a worldwide producer of arts and school supplies, among other products, and contributes significantly to the Colchester community. The company partners with teachers, coaches and professionals working with children to help foster education and development, appealing to young ones’ boundless creativity in their products and supporting growth through play for all ages. The company’s long-term survival also shows the value of creativity in business; while it began as a leather company, it pivoted to children’s items, utilizing the new market to find success, which it still enjoys.

In February 2022, Sen. Needleman endorsed S&S Worldwide to CT Innovations, the state’s venture capital arm, and the Department of Economic and Community Development, aiding the business in receiving important financial support from the state.