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Martha Marx



December 4, 2023
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New London’s Alewife Cove Restoration Project Selected For Long Island Sound Futures Fund Grant
$399,865 Grant Will Support Studies Ahead Of Eventual Dredging

Today, the Long Island Sound Futures Fund Grant selected the City of New London to receive a grant valued at $399,865 for the Alewife Cove Restoration Project. Local leaders including State Senator Martha Marx (D-New London) applauded the grant award today, knowing that it will benefit the local community’s support and protection of natural wildlife, which will open new recreational opportunities in the surrounding area. The grant funding will help pay for studies of the Alewife Cove watershed in New London to support plans to eventually dredge the area.

“I’m so proud of our community’s environmental advocates who are fighting to improve our region and support local wildlife,” said Sen. Marx. “This grant funding will play a vital role in supporting local efforts to replenish the Cove with new marine life, which will lead to improved recreational opportunities for residents and provide local resources to bolster the long-term strength of our waterways.”

“I’m ecstatic, grateful and very hopeful for the future of Alewife Cove,” said Ed Lamoureux, the founder and co-chairman of the Alewife Cove Conservancy. “I want to thank Sen. Marx for all the hard work she did to help us get this as well as Michael Passero, mayor of the City of New London, First Selectman Rob Brule of the Town of Waterford and all of the Alewife Cove Conservancy members and friends who have supported our cause to protect, preserve and enhance Alewife Cove over many years. The grant funding will provide the in-depth studies Alewife Cove watershed needs and deserves to move forward to protect its resiliency and viability.”

“This grant will help the partnership between the Town of Waterford, City of New London and the Alewife Cove Conservancy begin to realize their shared dream to revitalize this spectacular natural asset that is so loved by generations of our people,” said New London Mayor Michael Passero.

“The Town of Waterford enthusiastically supports these efforts by the Alewife Cove Conservancy and the Long Island Sound Futures Grant Program to make the Alewife Cove Restoration Project possible,” said Waterford First Selectman Robert Brule. “Alewife Cove is a precious natural resource which doesn’t separate New London and Waterford…it connects us! Both communities will greatly benefit from this project by affording recreational opportunities and enhanced water quality in the Cove.”

The Alewife Cove Restoration Project and Alewife Cove Conservancy are working to restore the cove’s vibrancy, specifically supporting its natural population of alewife fish. The project’s long-term goal is to remove a small dam and dredge the cove, which will bring life back to the region and benefit local beauty as well as local recreation like kayaking and fishing. By studying the area, dredging work will be able to occur in the future, supporting the eventual completion of this work.