Cathy Osten


Cathy Osten



April 19, 2018

Statement from Senator Cathy Osten & Representative Toni Walker

photo of Senator Osten and Representative Walker.

Senator Cathy Osten (D-Sprague) and Representative Toni Walker (D-New Haven), the Democratic co-chairs of the Appropriations Committee, today released the following statement:

“Tomorrow, Democrats on the Appropriations Committee will present a spending plan that reflects our values, funds our schools, promotes job growth, invests in our transportation system and protects the social safety net. We set out on this process committed to working with the Republicans—and we still are. However, we believe that it is important to call a budget vote and move the committee forward.”

The Democratic co-chairs will hold a media availability tomorrow at 10:30am at a location to be announced.

Highlights of Revisions to the Governor’s FY 19 Budget Proposal

Creates the Free 2 Start Initiative beginning our commitment to provide free college for all. In FY 19, 3155 qualifying freshmen will be eligible for the Free 2 Start Initiative

Reestablishes the Roberta B Willis Scholarship Fund—providing critical assistance to college students—how many kids

Restores funding for the Connecticard Program which provides necessary library services across the state and preserves federal funds

Reinstates funding for our Fire Training Schools

Restores funding for the Hispanic Programs in DSS providing vital funding to nonprofits in our cities and towns

Restores funding to the Department of Veterans’ Affairs to provide quality health care to our veterans.

Continues funding of our many tourism and cultural programs

Provides additional funding for the Care 4 Kids Program

Restores a total of $114.9 million in aid to municipalities. $33.1 million in town aid and $63 million in ECS and $18.5 million for magnet schools.

Increases assistance in the Department of Developmental Services for emergency placements and employment and day services

Funds the Medicare Savings Plan for seniors up to 170 percent of poverty, providing coverage to 134,000 people

Retains the car tax mill rate at 45, but uses current year mill rates

Increases funding for retired teachers health care

Continues the Enhanced Reimbursement rate for Primary Care Providers

Fully Funds the Renters Rebate program protecting 48,000 recipients

Restores funding for School based Health Clinics

Restores funding for Elderly Nutrition Program