Cathy Osten


Cathy Osten



October 23, 2018

Osten Appointed to Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation Board of Trustees

State Senator Cathy Osten (D-Sprague) has been appointed to a three-year term on the 20-member Board of Trustees for the Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation, the governor’s office announced today.

The Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation is a non-profit organization established by special acts of the State Legislature in 1975 and 1985 to preserve, protect, and promote the buildings, sites, and landscapes that contribute to the heritage and vitality of Connecticut communities. The Trust has been headquartered since 1989 at the Eli Whitney Boarding House in Hamden.

Sen. Osten—who lives in a house that was built in 1875—is a long-time advocate for historic preservation and a frequent visitor to area historic sites such as the Leffingwell Inn in Norwich (built in 1675, it is one of Connecticut’s oldest buildings), the Buckingham House in Norwich (built in 1847 by William A. Buckingham, who was the mayor of Norwich and governor of Connecticut), and the Huntington Homestead in Scotland (birthplace of Samuel Huntington, a signer of the Declaration of Independence.)

“You can’t really understand how our country came to be without understanding our past, and that’s what these buildings teach us and that’s why we need to preserve these sites,” Sen. Osten said.

Her term on the Board of Trustees ends on July 1, 2021.