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Contact: Kerensa Konesni

June 23, 2016

Doyle Recognized By The AARP For His Work On Behalf Of Connecticut’s Seniors

Seniors at the Rocky Hill Senior Center thanked Doyle for fighting high electric rates

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ROCKY HILL, CT—A large group of seniors joined officials from the Connecticut AARP today to present Senator Paul Doyle with their “2015 Legislative Achievement Award,” recognizing his work in the General Assembly. The award is given to legislators who demonstrate dedication to promoting issues that help seniors live happily and independently.

“Throughout my legislative career I have been able to work with the Connecticut AARP on many important issues affecting the lives of seniors in the communities I represent,” said Senator Doyle. “Together we have fought predatory electricity contracts, expanded access to home health care, and improved quality of life for seniors. I look forward to continue working alongside the AARP in upcoming legislative sessions.”

AARP officials thanked Senator Doyle in particular for his work reining in electricity costs as Senate Chair of the General Assembly’s Energy and Technology Committee. Most recently, Senator Doyle led passage of a law banning variable-rate electricity contracts.

Variable-rate contracts can be highly unpredictable, allowing for significant fluctuations in electricity rate charges each month. Customers are often sold on a variable-rate contract by being offered a low “teaser” rate by sales agents who misrepresent the extent to which the rates will change.

Customers, many of them seniors, have reported that several months after signing onto the variable-rate contracts their electricity rates increased from the low teaser rate to an increase of over 100 percent in many cases and over 200 percent in some cases. No notice of the rate increases was given to consumers until their bill arrived and payment was demanded using the threat of disconnection of service if payment wasn’t made.

“As chair of the Energy and Technology Committee, Senator Doyle’s advocacy to ban variable rate electric contracts will help protect consumers from unaffordable expenses for essential energy services that may endanger their health and financial security,” said John Erlingheuser, Advocacy Director for the Connecticut AARP.



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