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October 7, 2016

Leone Announces Approval of Funding for Transportation Infrastructure Upgrades for Stamford Commuters

State bond commission approves Route 7 Interchange redesign and additional train cars

Senator Carlo Leone (D-Stamford) has announced the approval of two major transportation initiatives in southeastern Connecticut. The State Bond Commission has released $4 million in funding to cover costs of redesigning the Merritt Parkway/Route 7 interchange. Additional funds were approved for the purchase of 60 new rail cars for the New Haven Line.

“Connecticut residents spend over 40 hours in traffic every year, missing out on time at work and time with their families,” said Senator Leone. “By investing in our roads and railways, we are ensuring that people get where they’re going as quickly as possible. This is an issue of quality of life and of our economy. Billions of dollars in economic productivity are lost each year as a result of traffic. These improvements will help regain some of that lost economic activity while still helping working people get home in time for dinner with their families.”

The interchange overhaul, which has been on the Connecticut Department of Transportation’s drawing board for years, calls for building final connections to and from the Route 7 Connector and enhancing the Main Avenue/Merritt Parkway interchange. This new funding will help jump-start the design process that will get this project off the ground.

Railway commuters also have something to celebrate. $200 million has been approved to purchase new cars for the New Haven line. A total of 60 rail cars will be added to the line, including nine new bar cars and the rehabilitation of one existing car into a bar car.

These announcements come on the heels of $1,100,000 being granted to Stamford for various infrastructure projects. A new pedestrian bridge will be designed and constructed near the New Haven line of Metro North. Additionally, an urban bikeway, sidewalks and trails will be designed for the Long Ridge Road.



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