MD Rahman


MD Rahman



May 9, 2023

State Senator MD Rahman Leads Senate Passage Of Bill For First Time

Today, State Senator MD Rahman (D-Manchester), Senate Chair of the Planning and Development Committee, led the Senate in passage of legislation for the first time as a sitting legislator. If passed by the House and signed into law, this bill will establish a working group to study whether a federal Title IX assessment of municipal recreation areas and public school facilities used for organized sports, studying access to athletic resources for male and female students under the federal law established in 1972, would be feasible in the state of Connecticut.

“Since my election to the Senate, I have been waiting for this day. Introducing a bill to the floor for Senate passage is a great honor, especially in supporting a cause like this,” said Sen. Rahman. “It is valuable for our state to study and monitor whether our public sports facilities are compliant with federal policy ensuring equal access, helping prevent and rectify potential discrimination. I look forward to its future consideration in the House and to our state making sure all of our children and students are treated fairly.”

Senate Bill 917, “An Act Establishing A Working Group To Study The Implementation of Federal Title IX Protections For All Municipal Recreation Areas and School Sports Facilities,” would establish a working group to study the feasibility of implementing assessments of municipal and public school recreation areas and facilities used for organized playing of sports. The working group would consider information including, but not limited to, nature and composition of teams using such areas and whether teams could be prohibited from utilizing such areas. That study would be due to the General Assembly by the end of 2023.

Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff (D-Norwalk) and Senate Republican Leader Kevin Kelly (R-Stratford) both introduced testimony to the General Assembly in support of the legislation, with both noting that athletic fields and recreational facilities historically have had issues meeting legality in equality of access and use. Sen. Duff noted that in the past, municipalities and schools have invested in facilities for male athletes without ensuring female athletes would have access to facilities for their chosen sports.

The bill previously passed the Planning and Development Committee by a unanimous vote. With its passage, it now heads to the House for further consideration.