Mae Flexer

State Senator

Mae Flexer

Deputy President Pro Tempore & Federal Relations Liaison

An Advocate for Us

September 29, 2023


Friday, September 29, 2023


SCOTLAND – State Senator Mae Flexer today welcomed a planned $581,000 state investment the renovation of Scotland Town Hall – renovations that Sen. Flexer began advocating for nearly a year ago.

The funding was approved by the state Community Investment Fund (CIF) on Tuesday and must now be approved by the State Bond Commission at its next meeting scheduled for Friday, October 6.

It was December 20, 2022 when Sen. Flexer wrote the Community Investment Fund board members and made a strong case for Scotland’s funding.

“The Scotland Town Hall was built in 1896 and currently houses antiquated heating, ventilation, and cooling systems within a crumbling structure. A complete renovation of this structure will address multiple building and fire code deficiencies, increase public accessibility, and preserve the beauty of this historical building for decades to come,” Sen. Flexer wrote.

“When I visit the Scotland Town Hall, I am dismayed by the condition of the building and its inability to accommodate many people with disabilities. The current foundation needs to be repaired and stabilized and hazardous materials need to be identified and remediated. The infrastructure must comply with building, safety, and accessibility codes in order to adhere to workplace safety standards. With the renovation, the town hall will provide municipal employees and the public with a comfortable and safe environment that is accessible and open to all,” she said.

“It is important for all communities to have an open community space for residents to communicate with leaders, to access crucial resources, and participate in community events. An inaccessible, run-down building will only continue to deter taxpayers from participating in their local government. The town of Scotland has one of the most challenging fiscal situations of any town in our state. Simply put, they do not have the resources on their own to complete this project. Please allow all the residents of Scotland to finally have access to their town government by making this grant towards this project. This will allow the diverse needs of this community to finally be met,” Sen. Flexer concluded.

The CIF is a statewide program authorized in state law whose projects are designed to promote economic or community development in the municipality where the project is located, and to consistently and systematically advance fair, just, and impartial treatment of all individuals, including individuals who belong to underserved and marginalized communities.

The Department of Economic and Community Development administers the program by overseeing the application process, vetting applications, sending application summaries to the CIF Board, and managing awards and reporting. The CIF Board and Office of the Governor

review applications and the summaries prepared by DECD and make recommendations to the State Bond Commission, which then approves projects for grants.