Martha Marx


Martha Marx



March 7, 2024
State Senator Martha Marx, at podium, speaks, with, from left, State Senator Henri Martin, State Senator Stephen Harding, State Senator Tony Hwang, State Senator Kevin Kelly and State Representative Hubert Delany.

Today, State Senator Martha Marx (D-New London), Senate Chair of the Veterans and Military Affairs Committee, State Senator Kevin Kelly (R-Stratford)State Representative Hubert Delany (D-Stamford) and several Senate Republicans gathered in the Legislative Office Building to call for financial relief for veterans. The legislators spoke in support of Senate Bill 344, “An Act Concerning Certain Federal Veterans’ Benefits And Income Eligibility Determinations For Certain Public Assistance Programs,” which seeks to exclude certain Department of Veterans’ Affairs benefits from income eligibility for determination of certain public assistance programs.

These DVA benefits are the non-service related pension, Aid and Assistance and homebound stipends. These benefits are means-tested, meaning not all veterans over the age of 65 receive them. Federal law precludes counting any medical reimbursement as income, yet Connecticut is one of just a few states that continues that practice. Governor Lamont and the Department of Social Services have agreed that it should be a priority of the state for seniors to age in their homes. It costs one-third less for individuals to age in their homes compared to nursing homes. When these benefits are counted as income, many veterans no longer quality for energy assistance, SNAP and the home care program for elders.

Our veterans who have served our country and become disabled deserve these benefits. This bill has bipartisan support and Senator Marx reaffirmed her commitment to it becoming law.

“In my work as a nurse, I have cared for many veterans, all of whom made sacrifices for this country,” said Sen. Marx. “I’ve had to watch some of them turn down benefits they are entitled to because they would otherwise lose access to important support programs. This simple change to state statutes would provide veterans and their families with the benefits they’ve earned and deserve without issue.”

“Our veterans have served our country, and we owe it to them to provide them as much financial relief as possible,” Sen. Kelly said.  “This simple tweak to state law can have a maximum positive impact on veterans and their families. We hope this common sense legislation reaches the finish line this year.  Let’s get it passed.  Let’s support our veterans.”

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