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Saud Anwar

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March 25, 2024
Contact: Joe O’Leary | | 508-479-4969
As the continuing conflict in Gaza nears its sixth month, with tens of thousands of deaths reported, State Senator Saud Anwar (D-South Windsor) today released the following statement decrying the continued bloodshed and calling for a ceasefire in the region:

“The events of October 7, the massacre that sparked this latest ongoing conflict between the Israeli Defense Forces and Hamas, were and are indefensible. This resulted in hundreds of innocent individuals losing their lives, not to mention hostages taken that have still not been returned home. The events in months following, where tens of thousands of innocent lives have been lost by indiscriminate bombings, are beyond heartbreaking.

“Those of us with voices and platforms have a responsibility to say something amid this fraught situation.

“I ask those in power to find a path towards a permanent ceasefire, one that allows for immediate humanitarian support in Gaza that will save lives and relieve the suffering of thousands of people there, and I ask for the release of hostages to their homes and families.

“We must collectively commit for a better future, one that can be shared between Jews and Muslims across our world. I wish for the devastation wrought upon Gaza to end and for the rebuilding to begin. I wish for governments to stop their violence and work towards a constructive model of peace. A two-state solution has been sought by many for decades but has yet to come to fruition. This current violence underscores the dire need to recommit to a two-state solution with a new urgency.

“This war has traumatized, shocked and horrified millions, not only in the regions impacted, but also those watching and listening to this continued disaster around the world. Our interconnected global communities have been experiencing anger, despair, and helplessness as we watch this ongoing human suffering. There must be an end to the violence and pain for our collective healing to begin.”

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