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January 24, 2024

Senator Gaston to Introduce Bills Incentivizing Police Officers in Connecticut 

This legislative session, state Senator Herron Keyon Gaston (D-Bridgeport), Senate Chair of the Public Safety Committee, is planning to introduce two bills that will help officers in Connecticut. Senator Gaston’s first priority will be incentives for officers. Senator Gaston will explore residency and financial assistance as tools for recruitment and retention of officers in Connecticut.

Senator Gaston also plans to introduce a bill that will help officers on scene of a crime before they arrive.

“Officers do a herculean job protecting our residents, and they deserve not just the recognition for their selfless service, but we must explore more global incentives to demonstrate our respect and commitment to our law enforcement officers and their families,” said Sen. Gaston. “And supporting law enforcement at the scene of a crime is not just a duty, it’s a commitment to safety. If there is a new way I can contribute to help officers before they arrive to a scene, I will make sure I do what I can to help.”

Proposal 1Incentivizing Police officers

Senator Gaston plans to propose a bill exploring benefits that will attract officers. Incentives will include tax credits, homeowner support such as homeowner down payment, tax rebates and competitive pay.

Tax credits offer a financial reprieve that not only eases the burden of residence but also incentivizes long-term commitment. Similarly, a tax rebate can serve as a form of financial recognition, acknowledging the sacrifices made by police officers in their community. Homeowner down payment support empowers employees to establish roots within the community they serve. And increasing the pay of municipal officers helps to ensure the police force is staffed by skilled professionals, contributes to overall job satisfaction, reduces turnover, and reduces financial stress.

Proposal 2: Creating a Pilot Program

Senator Gaston also plans to introduce a bill that will create a pilot program whereby Police Departments can send drones to the scene of an emergency call ahead of officers while the crime may still be in progress. It will provide more efficient ways of policing in high crime areas. This could aid police departments at a time when the number of recruits is on the wane across the country.