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June 27, 2024

Senator Herron Keyon Gaston Participates in White House Safer States Legislative Convening on Gun Violence Prevention

Senator Herron Keyon Gaston, D-Bridgeport, participated Wednesday in the White House Safer States Legislative Convening on Gun Violence Prevention. The event brought together 60 legislators from 30 states, senior federal officials, and prominent thought leaders to discuss and develop effective policies aimed at reducing gun violence.

Senator Gaston was the sole legislator from Connecticut to attend this prestigious event, underscoring the significance of his contributions to public safety and criminal justice policy in the state. During the convening, Senator Gaston highlighted Connecticut’s transformational gun safety policies, particularly the state’s red flag law, gun storage safety laws, and its investment in community nonprofit organizations working to prevent gun violence at a grassroots level.

“This event was an excellent opportunity to promote Connecticut’s groundbreaking gun safety policies,” Senator Gaston said. “I was proud to be among a select group of leading policymakers, engaging with top officials from across the country. This experience reinforced our state’s leadership on violence prevention and provided new ideas to benefit Bridgeport and Stratford in our ongoing efforts to reduce gun violence.”

Senator Gaston was also invited to be a part of a panel to discuss Connecticut’s efforts to address pervasive violence. He emphasized the importance of community partners, grassroots organizations that are directly addressing the problem on the ground, and the state’s proactive stance in investing in these essential programs.

The convening featured talks from senior White House officials and state leaders, including Tom Perez, senior advisor and assistant to the president and director of the Office of Intergovernmental Affairs, and U.S. Rep. Robin Kelly, D-Illinois. The event included breakout group discussions focused on developing and implementing effective gun violence prevention strategies.

Based on ideas discussed during the event, Senator Gaston hopes to explore securing Department of Justice grants to hire retired law enforcement officers to investigate cold cases. This initiative aims to bring closure to unresolved cases and further enhance community safety.

Senator Herron Keyon Gaston, pictured here with key legislators from across the country during the White House Safer States Legislative Convening on Gun Violence Prevention.

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