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Doug McCrory



April 24, 2024
Senator McCrory

Senator McCrory Highlights Funding for Senior and Youth Programming in Windsor

This week, Senator Doug McCrory, D-Hartford, highlighted funding he helped secure for two important projects benefiting the Windsor community including money for a program helping seniors stay in their homes and support for a nonprofit seeking to offer health and wellness programing in Windsor schools.

Senator McCrory helped find $15,000 to support a new initiative by the Windsor Senior Center, which will aid seniors living in the community providing essential housework. This will include basic home upkeep tasks like snow removal in the winter or cleaning up leaves in the fall.

“This funding underscores our commitment to supporting Windsor seniors who choose to age at home,” Senator McCrory said. “As a community, we must prioritize helping our aging neighbors to maintain their independence and ensure that their day-to-day needs are met with compassion.”

Additionally, Senator McCrory helped secure $20,000 for the nonprofit Dilligence Training Cares. This group is an offshoot of the Dilligence Training, a boutique health center based in East Hartford, and provides youth mentorship programs designed to reinforce the importance of empowerment, involvement and community.

Dilligence Training has been recognized as the #1 Health and Wellness Center in Hartford County in each of the past three years. Its co-founders, President Terrell Huff and Vice President Devonté Dillion, a former Windsor High School student, have committed to providing young people with the role models they needed growing up.

The group has provided tailored wellness programs and athletic conditioning to partners including Windsor Public Schools, the Wheeler Health Clinic, The Boys & Girls Club of Hartford, and more.

The funding, secured with Senator McCrory’s assistance, will support Dilligence Training Cares’ community efforts, which the group hopes to expand in Windsor.

“Senator Doug McCrory has aided Dilligence Training Cares exponentially with providing funding that has helped increase awareness and impact within our community initiatives,” Vice President Devonté Dillion said. “With his efforts, Dilligence Training Cares has been able to sponsor membership fitness programs, mentor youth throughout the week and on Community Saturday’s, sponsor nutrition memberships, and engage in community events at the facility such as local business pop ups shops, paint nights, toy drives and fitness challenge ceremonies.”

Photo captions: on left, Senator McCrory meets with seniors at the Windsor Senior Center; on right, Senator McCrory with Dilligence Training Vice President Devonté Dillion.

Contact: Hugh McQuaid | | 860-634-4651
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