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October 25, 2023
Senator Moore
Senator Moore Welcomes Over $1 Million To Support Tutoring In Local Schools 

HARTFORD, CT – Today, state Senator Marilyn Moore (D-Bridgeport) welcomed an announced $1,070,514 in funding to district schools to support and expand enhanced tutoring to improve student outcomes, especially in mathematics. The funding comes through the state’s High-Dosage Tutoring Program, which is intended to provide students with additional educational opportunities and address education disparities across the state.

  • Achievement First Bridgeport Academy District will receive $120,000 to support 96 students
  • Bridgeport Schools will receive $240,500 for 481 students
  • Great Oaks Charter School District will receive $674,014 for 338 students
  • New Beginnings Inc Family Academy District will receive $36,000 for 18 students

“This funding will work to support students in need of extra help in school,” said Sen. Moore. “It is a priority to provide our students an education and the resources they need in order to excel. The additional support will foster an environment that will help strengthen subject comprehension and create an individualized learning experience.”
This funding will target tutoring for students in middle and high school with a primary focus on improving mathematics proficiency. It comes as state data shows that while there have been improvements in mathematics education across the state in the last year, more work can be done, and in-person, in-school tutoring is the most effective way to address this learning gap.Schools receiving the funds are committed to using it to integrate or expand in-person tutoring during school hours, with work beginning by January 2024. The state will also monitor the effectiveness of this tutoring with the intent to inform all school districts on how to most effectively support students.To learn more about the Connecticut High-Dosage Tutoring Program, visit this link:

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