MD Rahman


MD Rahman



May 4, 2024

Senator Rahman Leads Passage of Bill to Reduce Foreclosures Based on Unpaid Sewer Assessments

Sen. MD Rahman, Senate Chair of the legislature’s Planning and Development Committee, led passage Friday of a proposal to reduce foreclosures by limiting the ability of water and sewer authorities to enforce liens on homeowners struggling to pay their bills.

The bill passed on a 25-10 vote and will head to the House for consideration ahead of the legislative session’s May 8 adjournment date.

Senate Bill 149 protects homeowners by preventing Municipal Water Pollution Control Authorities from enforcing a lien on homes with unpaid assessments until the outstanding bill reaches at least $4,000 or five years passes from the date the lien was first filed.

“This policy will provide relief for families struggling to pay for basic necessities, allowing them to weather periods of financial strain without the threat of immediate foreclosure,” Senator Rahman, D-Manchester, said. “This common-sense bill will protect residents who lose their jobs or experience unexpected hardship until they are back on their feet.”