MD Rahman


MD Rahman



April 10, 2024

Senator Rahman Leads Passage of Legislation on Crumbling Foundations and Municipal Purchasing Requirements

Sen. MD Rahman, D-Manchester, led passage Wednesday of legislation to assist homeowners impacted by crumbling foundations as well as a proposal to ease the process of awarding municipal contracts and purchases.

Senator Rahman, who co-chairs the General Assembly’s Planning and Development Committee, guided both pieces of legislation to passage through the Senate during a session Wednesday, sending the proposals to the House for consideration.

The legislation included Senate Bill 224, a proposal that requires local assessors to give homeowners at least 90 days’ notice before a revaluation on properties with defective concrete foundations.

This policy affects a state law which allows homeowners whose foundations are crumbling to seek a reassessment in order to reflect the property’s diminished value. Senate Bill 224 provides those homeowners notice before their properties are reassessed.

“Replacing a foundation is an expensive and stressful process for homeowners whose basements are crumbling. This bill seeks to ease one of the burdens shouldered by too many families,” Senator Rahman said. “I was proud to lead its passage in the Senate and look forward to its final approval.”

Senator Rahman also oversaw the passage of a separate policy, Senate Bill 226, which gives towns and cities the option to increase from $25,000 to $50,000 the maximum value of municipal purchases that can be exempted from sealed bidding requirements.

This change was sought by municipalities in order to allow them to consider ordinances to speed up the procurement of goods and services.