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The Current Norwalk High School: A 1971 Learning Environment

Opened in 1971, NHS modeled after a prison 

 Here are some of the issues students, teachers and administrators have to deal with everyday. 


  • Perpetual leaks on all four levels. 

Intercom system  

  • Decades old and needs constant repair  
  • Doesn’t work consistently throughout the school  
  • Gymnasium does not have access to intercom 
  • Lack of reliable intercom system is a safety issue during emergencies 


Security is not updated

  • Classroom doors don’t automatically lock 
  • Eight cafeteria doors cannot be manually or automatic locked during a security breach 
  • Too many unsecured doors for unauthorized entry and exit 
  • 21st century school have double locking doors at entrance – also known as a “man trap”


HVAC unit 

  • Undersized resulting in cold stairwells and hot hallways 
  • Some classrooms are hot, some are cold 
  • Perpetuates mold because of inadequate system 


  • Not ADA-compliant and inaccessible to people with mobility issues  
  • Space cannot be opened for any student by law.  
  • Compliance would cost more than three million dollars


Bathrooms are outdated and repairs are expensive.  

  • Water pipes are encased in the concrete and not accessible   
  • Toilets and urinals are in constant need of repair  
  • All bathroom faucets are older models that don’t conserve water 


  • Completely antiquated  
  • Not usable as multi-use space  
  • No quiet rooms  
  • No conference spaces  
  • No distinct areas for classes  
  • No maker space 
  • 2nd floor library not ADA accessible  
  • Inconsistent wi-fi because of concrete 
  • Most elementary schools have better libraries 



  • Not flexible space 
  • Only have two outlets, one in the front and another in the rear, which is incompatible with current needs   

Cafeteria – 400 students at a time for lunch 

  • Major security risk area with windows on the ground floor 
  • Eight cafeteria doors cannot be manually or automatic locked during a security breach 
  • Configuration at food purchasing areas too small  
  • Students spend half their lunch trying to get food 
  • Far away from today’s high school lunch standards 
  • Visually unappealing area 



  • Consistently unreliable 
  • Internet fails daily in certain parts of the building 
  • Will never improve because of concrete 
  • Costs three times as much as other schools to make IT improvements  

Award Winning Music Program  

  • Sound and lighting systems in auditorium are older models 
  • District has to hire technicians and rent additional sound and lighting equipment for shows  
  • 2nd floor auditorium is not ADA compliant 
  • Lighting booth is not ADA compliant  
  • Sound study was done and improvements are cost prohibitive  
  • Stage not ADA compliant for performers  
  • Wires are exposed and all over because of concrete structure and antiquated design  
Choir Room on the second floor. 
  • Only access is stairs  Not ADA compliant 
  • Bathroom in the choral area is original and not ADA compliant  
  • Elevator is not possible because of concrete building structure 
  • Band room has perpetual roof leak and is in poor condition 
  • No Black Box Theater 
Lack of space and storage for theater and arts programs  
  • Trailers outside are used for  
  • Storage trailers in the parking lot 
  • Trailer next to the music wing  



  • Student elevator is not ADA compliant  
  • Cannot be replaced because of concrete structure  
  • (Freight elevator was replaced but should not be used for student transport)  



  • Mold and termite damage for over a decade  
  • ADA seating half done because of budget limitations  
  • Floor needs to be replaced, but cannot because of hazardous materials 
  • Ceiling is chipping and needs repair and repainting  
  • Poor ventilation system   
  • Only one gym and it’s in use until 10 pm. Color guard, cheerleading, sports competing for time to practice  


  • Poor air quality 
  • Seating is not ADA accessible  
  • Showers are not accessible for mobility impaired 
  • Mold and chipping walls 
  • Pool is not in compliance, thus the red paint around the boundary  


  • Visually unappealing with exposed cinder blocks 
  • PCB wood was removed for health reasons 


  • Status Quo – School and educational environment continue to deteriorate  
  • Renovate as new – Cost prohibitive because of concrete structure  
Build new state of the art Norwalk High School at 80% state reimbursement (rather than usual 32.5% reimbursement.)  
  • 50% reimbursement for new pool (natatorium)  
  • State of CT has not reimbursed for a natatorium in at least ten years.  
  • Exceptional learning environment, best high school in the state and community pride