July 28, 2020

CT State Senate July 28th 2020 Special Session

Special Senate Session Gives Final Approval to Four New Public Policies

Absentee Ballot

This bill allows Connecticut citizens who are concerned about contracting the coronavirus at a polling location to vote instead by mail in the November election– an option which had previously been denied them. The new bill amends Connecticut law for 2020 only to allow for absentee voting due to “the sickness of COVID-19.”

Police Accountability

This bill provides additional accountability for police departments to improve relationships between the communities and the police.

Capping Costs for Diabetes

The bill caps a person’s out-of-pocket cost of insulin at $25 per month, caps noninsulin drugs like glucagon at $25 per month, and caps diabetic equipment and supplies. The bill also authorizes pharmacists to prescribe and dispense up to a 30-day supply of ’emergency’ insulin.


The bill continues for the foreseeable future the temporary waiver of customary restrictions on online medical health care services (“telehealth”) so that during the COVID-19 pandemic more patients can be attended to in the comfort of their own home.