Derek Slap


Derek Slap



March 21, 2022

Farmington Lawmakers Testify on Bill to Ensure State Keeps its Promise to Town for High School Project

Bill would ensure town receives state funding at levels promised by state education officials

Farmington lawmakers State Senator Derek Slap (D-West Hartford) and State Representative Mike Demicco (D-Farmington) testified in front of the Education Committee today, seeking to ensure that Farmington receives its promised reimbursement rate for renovation work performed at Farmington High School.

In 2021, Farmington school leaders had been told the state would provide a 29% reimbursement rate for work renovating the “900 wing” of Farmington High School. The town is building a new high school, also renovating a section of the existing school, including upgrading athletic facilities and the central administration office. In December 2021, the town was informed the reimbursement rate would be reduced, resulting in a deficit of $915,000. The legislators seek to amend legislation before the Committee to attain the initial reimbursement rate promised.

“The people of Farmington voted to renovate Farmington High School with the expectation of a certain level of funding from the state, only to learn that funding would change and the town would be left with a deficit of nearly $1 million,” said Sen. Slap. “The town should be made whole so it does not suffer financially due to circumstances completely out of its control.”

“Our entire delegation is committed to ‘making Farmington whole’ by ensuring we receive the total amount of the school construction grant that we were promised for the new high school,” said Rep. Demicco. “We each are fighting to ensure that this happens for Farmington taxpayers and students.”

“You’re only as a good as your word,” said State Representative Tammy Exum (D-West Hartford, Farmington, Avon), who serves on the Education Committee. “A promise was made to the community. That promise needs to be kept.”

Sen. Slap and Rep. Demicco testified urging the Education Committee to amend the language of Senate Bill 429, a bill in front of the Committee that would authorize state grant commitments for school building projects. That legislation, as drafted, would utilize an adjusted reimbursement rate for the renovations at Farmington High School instead of the initially agreed-upon rate. If it were to pass as drafted, the town would fall into a financial deficit of $915,000.