Derek Slap


Derek Slap



July 11, 2023


Today, Burlington leaders gathered at the Burlington Volunteer Fire Department to announce and welcome funding approved in the state budget approved in June that will provide additional financial support to the fire department for the first time in more than a decade. State Senator Derek Slap (D-West Hartford), State Representative John Piscopo (R-Burlington), Burlington First Selectman Doug Thompson and Burlington Volunteer Fire Department Chief Mike Boucher joined together today to celebrate the important support for local volunteers working to keep the community safe.

“Our first responders, especially those who volunteer to protect our communities and keep us safe, deserve not only our respect but our support. This funding ensures they will receive that support,” said Sen. Slap. “This is the first increase in stipend and per-call pay in more than a decade for these men and women. It’s an important investment in public safety.”

“I was proud to stand with the Burlington delegation in support of this funding for the Burlington Volunteer Fire Department,” said Rep. Piscopo. “Keeping a fully staffed department has been challenge, as it has been other departments and many other sectors of the economy. This investment makes positive impact on our community by immediately supporting BVFD’s critical operations.”

“The Burlington Volunteer Fire Department has served our community as our town has grown considerably,” said First Selectman Thompson. “The demand that has placed on our volunteers, in addition to training and skills needed, has made it difficult to recruit and retain volunteers. The Town and State have provided funding for the BVFD to use at their discretion to address these issues. All received an increase in per-call pay, and officer stipends were increased based on their level of involvement. We held an event in February honoring our first responders and showing our appreciation; today, we back that up with this funding, dedicated to those serving our community. I’m grateful to Senator Slap and Representative Piscopo for their aid in securing this funding.”

“We really appreciate the support of state and local representatives acknowledging the hard work the volunteer firefighters and EMTs do,” said Chief Boucher. “This funding will help us to continue to retain and recruit members and service the community.”

In the state budget approved by legislators last month, the Burlington Volunteer Fire Department received $170,000 to increase stipends for about a dozen officers. These funds will also increase the per-call pay for the entire fire department, which constitutes about 75 individuals. Prior to this funding, the department’s stipends had not been increased in more than a decade. The amount will support the fire department for the next two fiscal years, through mid-2025.

The Burlington Volunteer Fire Department has served the community for 76 years, providing mutual aid service to neighboring communities when needed.