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Patricia Billie Miller



June 7, 2024

Stamford Delegation Welcomes $3.2 Million in Funding from the State Bond Commission

Stamford’s legislative delegation applauded the State Bond Commission’s Friday approval of more than $3.2 million to support the city’s efforts to improve pedestrian safety and equip its police force with body and dashboard cameras.

The delegation — which includes Senators Patricia Billie Miller and Ceci Maher,  as well as Representatives Matt Blumenthal, Hubert Delany, Anabel Figueroa, Rachel Khanna, David Michel, and Corey Paris — celebrated the funding following the State Bond Commission’s Friday morning meeting.

The panel approved support for projects across Connecticut including $3 million for the City of Stamford to make pedestrian safety improvements and create food truck parking near Government Center. This project is expected to create more green space, support local businesses, and ensure that the area is walkable and compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The commission approved an additional $236,880 to reimburse the Stamford Police Department for the costs of purchasing body cameras and dashboard cameras.

“This funding will provide all our residents with equal access to Government Center by making the area walkable and ADA compliant, while also supporting local food truck businesses with a dedicated parking location,” Senator Miller said. “The commission’s approval of funds to reimburse the Stamford Police Department for body and dashboard cameras underscores our commitment to accountability and transparency in law enforcement. I appreciate Governor Lamont and the Bond Commission for prioritizing these vital projects to make Stamford safer and more accessible for everyone.”

“Government Center is a focal point in the city, and food trucks are a recognized positive addition to the vibrant food offerings in Stamford. Increasing accessibility to the building and improved food truck parking is a significant use of funds that will help people in the city,” Senator Maher said. “I’m grateful to Governor Lamont and the State Bond Commission for supporting Stamford.”

“I would like to thank Governor Lamont and the State Bond Commission for allocating these funds to Stamford. We plan to use the money to improve the way pedestrians move around by the Government Center. It will lead to a more livable, accessible, environmentally friendly, and vibrant neighborhood,” Representative Blumenthal said. “Additionally, the funding for updated police technology will contribute to a safer community while increasing accountability.”

“I would like to wholeheartedly thank Governor Lamont, the State Bond Commission, and all of my colleagues for fighting to bring these resources back to Stamford,” Representative Delany said. “This funding is the answer to the concerns of many of our constituents. We hope to use this funding to enhance pedestrian safety for our residents who travel near the Stamford Government Center, and we plan to use this funding to increase transparency and accountability for the Stamford Police Department.”

“This funding shows our dedication to the brave members of the Stamford Police Department who put their lives on the line every day to protect the community,” Representative Figueroa said. “This new technology will improve safety for everyone, transparency, and accountability. Body and dashboard camera equipment will also increase trust between our officers and the public.”

“I’m proud of the Delegation’s work on behalf of the city of Stamford,” Representative Khanna said. “Together, we’ve brought over $3 million in state bonding grants to the city, dollars that will be put to good use in further improving the livability and safety of the city.”

“I’m always grateful for the work our delegation does as a team,” Representative Michel said. “Again, many thanks to the governor and the State Bond Commission.”

“I want to extend my gratitude to Governor Lamont and the State Bond Commission for approving these essential projects on the bond agenda for the City of Stamford,” Representative Paris said. “The allocation of $236,880 will significantly enhance our public safety infrastructure by reimbursing the Stamford Police Department for the acquisition of body-worn and dashboard recording equipment, along with associated storage costs. I’m proud that Stamford is one of the five municipalities to receive this crucial funding. Additionally, I am excited about the pedestrian improvements and the new food truck parking near the Stamford Government Center. This bond funding will not only enhance safety for pedestrians but also enrich the community experience for all who enjoy the diverse food truck offerings.”

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