January 30, 2017

Property & Car Tax Relief

Photo of Hartford family saving money on their car tax.

Historic Property Tax, Car Tax and PILOT Reforms

Burdensome property taxes are the biggest concern cited by Connecticut residents and businesses. To provide much-needed relief, Senate Democrats passed historic reforms to the property tax, the car tax and state funding for towns. The changes include:

  • Diversification of the local tax base by providing municipalities with a revenue source other than property taxes for the first time in state history. A portion of state sales tax revenue now goes directly to towns and cities, resulting in healthier municipal budgets and reduced pressure on property tax rates.
  • Capping the car tax in all cities and towns at no more than 37 mills. This long-sought reform blunts the impact of Connecticut’s most regressive tax, providing millions of dollars in direct tax relief for Connecticut’s families and small businesses.