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November 14, 2023

Removal of Hazardous, Unattractive Double Utility Poles Moving Forward

WHAT: Press conference to announce that Norwalk has been selected as one of a few municipalities to address “double poles” which result from inefficient pole maintenance and replacement. The term “double poles” refers to instances when a replacement pole is installed next to an existing pole, but the existing pole removal is not completed. Not only are double poles an aesthetic issue, but they can present public safety hazards.

The most common cause of this condition is that all the attachments on the existing pole have not been transferred, which can be hindered by the fact that they must be transferred to the new pole sequentially before the original pole can be removed. If all the attachments are not transferred in a timely manner, the new and old pole may exist together for an extended period of time.

This pilot will use a contractor to make all simple transfers on double poles in Norwalk and five other communities. The contractor will also collect data on the status and cause of delays related to poles in order to expand the pilot statewide.

WHEN: TODAY, Tuesday, November 14, at 11:30 AM

WHERE: Union Park, Norwalk, CT


  • Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff
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