Gary Winfield


Gary Winfield



October 1, 2015

Winfield: Connecticut Tennis Center Receives Major Upgrades Thanks to State Bonding

Senator Gary Winfield (D-New Haven) is pleased to announce that the State Bond Commission has approved funding for renovations and upgrades to the Connecticut Tennis Center.

“Events hosted annually at the Connecticut Tennis Center attract thousands of residents both in and out of state,” said Sen. Winfield. “These grounds have been a part of our city’s history for decades, and it is vital that we continue to advocate for funds to sustain them, thus allowing us to increase tourism in Connecticut.”

“New Haven proudly hosts—and helps underwrite—this tennis tournament each summer and enjoys sharing a spotlight with this major league-level, women’s professional sports event,” said New Haven Mayor Toni N. Harp. “We’re grateful for this allocation from the bond commission to help pay for important facility upgrades that in turn will continue to attract top-tier tennis talent.”

“The Connecticut Tennis Center is a fantastic place to host the Connecticut Open, which has grown bigger, better and more prestigious with each and every tournament” said Governor Dannel P. Malloy. “In fact, attendance for this year’s tournament marked a ten percent increase over last year. These facility upgrades will help ensure that New Haven continues to be the home of a top-notch sports center that attracts world-class athletes and draws more and more visitors to the city, supporting the local community.”

The $300,000 in bond funding will allow the Tennis Center to begin construction projects for a permanent kitchen and additional stadium offices to support tournament needs and incoming organizations year-round.