Gary Winfield


Gary Winfield



January 30, 2017

Legislator Enters Solitary Confinement

New Haven Independent: “We’re very focused on punishment but not as focused on people,” said State Sen. Gary Winfield. “We’re focused on building prisons where we design them in such a way that if you go into prison you are broken. We’re focused on building cells like that that break you. We don’t really just throw these people away. They come back to our communities, back to our families. They come back to us. When we focus on punishment, not people, we create problems for ourselves.”

‘I Still Suffer’; Solitary Confinement On Display

Hartford Courant: “We are very focused on punishment, not as focused on people… We are focused on building cells like that to break you,” State Sen. Gary Winfield, D-New Haven, said. “But after serving their time, inmates.”

In New Haven, ‘Inside the Box’ exhibit offers up close look at solitary confinement cell

New Haven Register: Unknowingly, Winfield offered the press conference’s closing remarks. Winfield said some people believe those placed in solitary confinement wouldn’t be there if they hadn’t committed a crime. It’s based on conditions, Winfield said, but his humanity is not. He asked those in attendance to push their local legislators to stand inside the cell.