Gary Winfield


Gary Winfield



March 1, 2021

Judiciary Chairs Issue Statement Following Committee Vote on Use of Force Provision

Judiciary Committee Chairs State Senator Gary Winfield (D – New Haven) and State Representative Steve Stafstrom (D – Bridgeport) issued the following statement concerning a legislative proposal that extends the effective date of Connecticut’s new use of force standard that was passed in the 2020 Police Accountability bill from April 1, 2021 until January 1, 2022:

“Today, Democrats were prepared to move forward a proposal that would allow our state’s hardworking law enforcement officers additional time to be trained on the new use of deadly force standard included in the Police Accountability bill that was passed last summer, thus reducing the use of force and improving outcomes. Our entire state benefits by ensuring law enforcement officers are better trained on when the use of force is authorized. It is unfortunate that our Republican colleagues ran the clock by introducing an unnecessary amendment that would only cause confusion about the proper legal review framework. We are hopeful that the bill can receive an up or down vote before time expires.”

The Judiciary Committee was expected to vote on the proposal, Raised House Bill No. 6462, during its Monday meeting. Committee leaders plan to continue the discussion.