Gary Winfield


Gary Winfield



July 23, 2021

New Haven Delegation Applauds $3 Million in State Bonding

HARTFORD – Today, members of the New Haven legislative delegation – Senate President Pro Tempore Martin Looney, Senator Gary Winfield, Representative Juan Candelaria, Representative Pat Dillon, Representative Roland Lemar, Representative Al Paolillo, and Representative Toni Walker – applauded the State Bond Commission’s approval of $3 million for upgrades to two community organizations’ facilities that provide educational, recreation, and support services to New Haven children and families.

New Haven will receive $1.5 million for the ‘r Kids Family Center to finish the expansion of their 45 Dixwell Avenue facility. Additionally, the city is approved for $1.5 million to fund renovations and infrastructure improvements to Farnam Center in New Haven, along with Farnam Camp in Durham.

“Nurturing the ability of children to thrive as they grow is a concern of every community. By extension, we have to help meet the needs of the entire family to fully support the care and development of our young. This large investment for improvements to the facilities that house the transformative programs offered by the ‘r kids Family Center and the Farnam Center will have long-term benefits,” said Sen. Looney (D-New Haven). “Thank you to Governor Lamont for his continued commitment to the well-being and future of Connecticut’s children.”

“The support we provide kids is critical toward their development and well-being as teenagers and adults. It is long-time advocates at the ‘r kids Family Center and the Farnam Center that are giving New Haven children the nurturing environment they need to soar, while extending a supportive hand to their families,” said Sen. Winfield (D-New Haven). “I want to thank Governor Lamont and the members of the State Bond Commission for their support of this funding that will enable these organizations to make upgrades to their facilities and continue their beneficial work.”

“The Farnam Center has provided indispensable learning and recreational activities in a nurturing environment for many years and this funding will help them continue their successful mission of enriching lives,” Rep. Candelaria (D-New Haven) said. “A stable and secure early start to life is the cornerstone of future success – I am very pleased to see the support our r’ kids has had throughout the years and the current bond approval to help them along on their important work.”

“Investments in children’s programs that support our diverse communities is money well spent,” said Rep. Roland Lemar (D-East Haven/New Haven). “I am grateful to the state for prioritizing funding to these outstanding organizations.”

“I am excited to see that we are continuing our commitment to the good work of R’ Kids,” Rep. Pat Dillon (D-New Haven) said.

“I am proud of all the hard work by our New Haven legislative delegation and city leaders for being able to secure these crucial funds for these two long standing organizations that are very much a part of the fabric of our community and provide wonderful opportunities for our city youth,” said Rep. Paolillo. “From after school programs, youth sports, activities and enrichment programs provided by Farnum and the family outreach programs provided by r Kids for adoptive families and foster kids, these funds will have tremendous benefit for the health and well-being of our young people especially as we continue to recover from the pandemic.”

“The Farnam Neighborhood House and ‘R Kids Community Center are some of the most deserving recipients of this grant-in-aid funding,” Rep. Walker (D-New Haven) said. “Both centers heavily focus in ensuring all kids have an equal footing on their paths to a successful life. I am proud to have played a pivotal role in securing millions in funds for both of these community assets.”

About ‘r kids Family Center: Founded in 1996 by a group of concerned community professionals and foster and adoptive parents, the ‘r kids Family Center has served over 1,300 children and 1,100 adults as a licensed child placing agency.

The ‘r kids Family Center today provides an array of services to children and biological, foster, adoptive, and relative care families. The center’s services include therapeutic family time, post adoption services, training for clients and providers, and a zero to three program.

The at-the-time 4,300 square foot family center used by the organization was built on land remediated by an Environmental Protection Agency grant. As the organization recounts, the building of the family center encouraged further development in the neighborhood.

About Farnam Center: The Farnam Center offers numerous programs for youth of all ages to support their development and educational needs in a safe environment. Athletic, teen leadership, and preschool programs are part of the diverse services provided by the organization to help youth grow and thrive.